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Reviews: Minds - Ara Malikian, Daniel del Pino

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Site review by Geohominid October 28, 2009
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Review by raffells October 26, 2009 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
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after yet another playing
I will stick with my original opinions on what has become a favourite disc.

Piazzollas Ava Maria which opens this disc may well turn out to be his biggest ever hit tune.
I confess to be taken aback by its beauty on my first hearing of it and totally sold by this piano/violin version.
The disc continues in similair nostalgic beauty a work by Lera Auerbach.She is was born somewhere within the Soviet Union.(URSS ? in the excellent booklet) and this is another piece I can see someone easily orchestrating its beautiful melodic lines.
Finzis Elegy is no newcomer and even though his music harks back to an earlier age than its composition date this performance can only serve to awaken interest in another partly negelected composer.
Kodalys early work " adagio" offers a slight change in the mood of this disc but only just.As stated in the booklet the music has slight echoes of Brahms songs moreso than later Zoltan compositions.
Following this, Fernado Egozcue , an Argentine guitarists work which may be ? translated Water to wine and will certainly bring a smile to you face if you know Rachmaninovs Symphonic Dances.
The disc takes on even more interest in another new composer to sacd,Marjan Mozetich (1948) spreading the composition interest to Italy Slovenia and lately Canada.
Desire at Twilight is the longest single movement on this disc and an absolute winner.Whilst starting off in the same sad mood it progresively builds up with some virtuostic intense and exciting playing by both artists and
ends in a mood of relaxed contentment.This world premier recording is my candidate for musical piece of the year despite the quality of the remainder of this disc(it includes two other world premiers) making this a total winner.
Next we have Jorge Grunman who s music has already appeared on sacd.(No Seasons)
Three movements. What inspires poetry.?
About Lonliness and nostalgia starts in that same mood but quickly enters a more energetic level with some interesting bowing and a gentle melodic piano backing.Eventually this melodic piece returns to its titled beginnings.
Calm and serenity follows seemingly in a strange key and initially more piano dominated then the violin joins in for what seems a brief
time of the calmness.
About rain and storm is probably the easiest piece to visualise any programatic content, weather the composer intended it to or not.(Pun)
Once again the movement seemingly finishes too early.
The last track is a complete change by another non household name Elena Kats Chemin.Russian Rag which is fairly reminiscent of Scot Joplin and Piazzolla.Its certain to bring a smile to most people faces and an interesting end to what is a fabulous disc.
Fairly heavy on emotional content .Playing is exceptional and so is the musical content.I cannot identify any digititis in this 24/96 recording and overall as I have said in the discussion a" Stunner."
Worth the effort of tracking down a copy.
It has also caused me to buy one more Spanish related title,I only hope the singing is as good.

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