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Roger Waters - Amused To Death CD+BDA
July 25, 2015
I did review the 5.1 mix when it was previewed at the PF Conference, although it was pre-authoring (straight from JG's SADiE), there were no changes made to the mix, so I didn't feel it was necessary to review the SACD (plus I didn't get my copy until Thursday); that's also why this particular review was less about the Surround aspect because I had ... more
Roger Waters - Amused To Death CD+BDA
July 24, 2015
Here's my review of the CD/Blu-ray combo for anyone who's interested in reading it: ... more
Discussion: Roger Waters: Amused To Death
July 24, 2015
I received a complimentary copy of the SACD yesterday and gave it a good cranking at a time when my neighbors weren't apt to complain - it took me right back to the Surround preview last year (even if my speakers aren't ATCs), it's just so warm and expansive and the detail is excellent, particularly those elements which move from rear to front or ... more
Doug Sax: Mastering Engineer
April 4, 2015
Doug was someone I had longed to meet, or at least to hear him speak (as he tended to do every year with Bob Ludwig at AES) because not only was he the father of modern independent mastering, but a very warm and funny person. His sense of humor was legendary among his colleagues. And he was one of the truly passionate advocates of audio excellence ... more
Discussion: Pink Floyd - The Endless River
November 24, 2014
As to the first question, there are projects in the queue but I honestly don't know what will come first in regards to future archival 5.1 releases. One could assume - based on previous remarks - the next one will be The Wall, but due to the technical difficulties with the multitracks that could mean something else (like Animals, for example) could ... more