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New Warner Reissues
October 30, 2015
Although I have not heard Klemperer's Bach Matthew Passion in its new incarnation, I do have the B minor Mass. I certainly hear no "truly lamentable sonic defects" in the sacd version. Maybe I have cloth ears, but via Sennheiser HD800 headphones, I find that most of the EMI sacd reissues of classic recordings from the 50s and 60s(including this ... more
Discussion: Bach: Mass in B minor - Klemperer
June 20, 2015
I too have quite a few of the Klemperer sacds, Missa Solemnis, Brahms Requiem and a handful of the symphonies which also sound fine, but are the only versions I own, whereas the Bach recording I have known for nearly 40 years(!) and was my introduction to the work. By the way, you mention the Mahler 7th, which is a rather controversial performance. ... more
Discussion: Bach: Mass in B minor - Klemperer
June 20, 2015
I have also just received this issue, and my reaction is the very opposite of yours! I have this performance on LP, CD and now sacd, and for me, this is easily the best sounding version of this very great performance! I would recommend it warmly. I listened on Sennheiser HD800s and Hifiman HE-560s. I presume the remastering is the work of Simon ... more
Hi-res Callas? Really?
November 8, 2014
My first post here(-: I thought this link might be a useful contribution to the debate:- Although I am not an opera or Callas fan, I find the issue interesting. I have enjoyed quite a few of the EMI Signature series remastered by Simon Gibson and thought they sounded excellent. ... more