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Discussion: Saint-Saens: Symphony No. 3 - Latry, Eschenbach
June 29, 2015
Svetlanov's live 1998 recording on Weitblick is significantly slower than even this one (43 minutes!), and it works very well on its own terms. The tempo in Philadelphia was not the problem here. ... more
Discussion: Sir Colin Davis: anthology
April 27, 2015
Are sung texts printed out in the booklet? ... more
Discussion: Nielsen: String Quartets Vol. 1 - Den Unge Danske Strygekvartet
April 12, 2014
Don't get this item. Get the budget box of Nielsen chamber CDs that includes this CD and the other quartets BOTH STILL ON SACD. Though the other CDs of piano music, etc. are not SACD, it's a great bargain. You'll pay the same or less for the box than just the SACDs by themselves. ... more
Discussion: Mozart: Symphonies Vol. 9 - Adam Fischer
December 9, 2013
I was warned about this #33 by PolyNomial after I purchased it but before listening to it. OK, I've now heard it. Yes, the glissandi are unexpected but 3rd movements are often relatively light so the goofiness of it gave me moments of 80% smile and 20% wince. I loved this CD along with vol. 6 of this series. ... more
Discussion: Beethoven: Complete Symphonies - Asahina
November 13, 2013
OK, I have it and it IS very good. Potential purchasers might want to know: As with much Asahina, there is a reverential quality. Grandeur and respect are priorities, don't expect impetuosity or even "personality." Tempi tend to be slow, like a 47 minute #7 with a 12 minute scherzo! Too much for me, frankly. Symphonies 1 and 2 are dull, 3 and 4 OK, ... more