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  Alexandru Sava
  Iasi, Romania
  Denon AVR 2113
Pioneer BDP-150K
Monitor Audio BX2/BXC/BXFX
Sennheiser PC-350

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Beck: Sea Change      (2 of 4 found this review helpful)
  August 23, 2015

Never listened to Beck before, and I didn't like his style (at least on this disk), it's way too mellow and down for my taste - and hey, I'm a very long time Pink Floyd fan! I was left with the impression that either the guy was on a bottom level of inspiration when composing the songs on Sea ... more

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New site up
August 12, 2015
This is what I wanted to ask, too. Is it that difficult/costly to provide room for a forum section on the new site? I really don't know the details of owning/building a site, that's why I'm asking. If it's costly or incredibly complicated, then fine, I can understand. But if it's not, then why not providing a forum in the new format, seeing how ... more
Site upgrade - what's happening
August 5, 2015
I, too, cannot but repeat myself: if/when the forum will disappear, it will be a great loss for the site. Folks who share a same passion need to communicate, to chat on their interests, they are drawn on the place which offer them this possibility: to interact, to share opinions, to ask/wonder about stuff related to music, and why not even a casual ... more
August 5, 2015
I have the SACD by Chandos, can't comment on the performance, but (at least on my system) SQ is somewhat murky. There's a fog all over the orchestra. Actually I'm not sure it's because of my system's limitations, as, for example Mahler/Zinmann set by RCA sounds very clear, with good definition and dynamics. I've only listened to multichannel part. ... more
SACD Stereo: it doesn't make sense
July 11, 2015
Why nonsense? You're assuming that the concert hall experience is the best (most natural?) that one can have in classical music - but did you ever ask a conductor about this? Maybe from his point of view his experience/location is the best. So isn't it all about the habit of where you are placed while in a concert hall? Sure, most of us ... more
SACD Stereo: it doesn't make sense
July 11, 2015
Some time ago when I was contemplating an upgrade to my existing 5.0 system, some folks advised me that, for symphonic music listening, I would be better off if I would drop the idea of surround, sell everything and buy instead two floorstanders and a stereo amp. That because the floorstanders, with good positioning, would anyway offer enough ... more