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BIS thread
August 1, 2015
Enough with the class-monitor bit. If I go into a shop (there's no fee for doing so), I expect to receive good service, whether I buy anything or not. Ultimately, the owner of this site hopes to make money through its users, so his constant tone of peevishness in dealing with them seems to me entirely counter-productive. I thought I'd do Zeus the ... more
BIS thread
July 30, 2015
Yes, it's time to ramble on. Retrograde-format fanatic that I am (I still buy books, can you believe it?), I do hope, though, that BIS will continue to put out SACDs. One of the (many) things BIS does well is constructing programmes, both within the confines of individual discs and across series. Like a concert, a record is a discrete and ... more
BIS thread
July 29, 2015
It's the Lewis Carroll comparative. ... more
BIS thread
July 28, 2015
Glad to hear it. I know there have been a few super-audio cycles already (including one on BIS), but I reckon the SCO could really reinvigorate Mendelssohn's symphonies. It would also be great to have a cycle of Liszt's symphonic poems on SACD. But I'm getting greedy . . . ... more
BIS thread
July 26, 2015
Just thought I'd make one final effort, before the forum rides off into the sunset, to encourage BIS to carry on with the Opening Doors series (especially the Brahms symphonies). ... more