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Discussion: Strauss: Eine Alpensinfonie - Shipway
September 9, 2012
I too have used the Blomstedt/SFSO for years as my favorite...I still want to give the Sony a listen though...and yes, I suspect the new BIS will sound fantastic as usual, but I wonder if the orchestra is up to par to play this challenging piece?? Cheers, ... more
Nielsen in New York
July 9, 2012
This is great news, whether or not the works are recorded n DSD or DXD...I am just thrilled to be able to look forward to a hi rez set of these works as my favorite set with Blomstedt/SFSO are getting a little long in the tooth... Cheers, ... more
Linn CKD 400 " Symphony (Not so?) Fantastique"
April 21, 2012
Hmmmm.....lean interpretations for Symphonie Fantastique?? Sorry, but not for this camper....then again, I feel the same towards interpretations of Bach with 1 singer per part... My first exposure to a killer recording of SF was (and that recording is still at least to me the absolute best) the 1971 Decca recording with Solti and the CSO recorded ... more
Discussion: Bach: Johannes Passion - Concerto d'Amsterdam
April 14, 2012
I too have sent an e-mail asking them to please confirm if this is indeed an SACD title..I would love to have this recording as the samples I have heard on Quintone's site sound superb Cheers, ... more
Discussion: Bruckner: Symphony No. 8 - Böhm
April 13, 2012
I, too, agree... Unless I win a Mega Millions Jackpot or perhaps Bill Gates/Warren Buffet leave me serious $$$$, all of the Japanese SACDs that have been flooding the site are verboten, no matter how great the sound...c'est la vie.... Cheers, ... more