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- 4K TV -
June 17, 2015
Whilst I agree that 3D blu ray hasn't been an overwhelming commercial success, there is also a technical issue preventing true 4K 3D blu ray, that of capacity. Although 4K UHD Blu ray uses greater capacity than existing 2K Blu ray, we should remember that 3D Blu rays effectively run two 1080P video streams stacked and so are in themselves very ... more
Oppo BD 105D
June 6, 2015
This is true, and of course as the resolution increases the ability to differentiate the higher resolutions will become harder if the same viewing distance is maintained. I personally view from about 8ft away, of course that will vary from household to household but I am sure that at that distance I and most others would be able to discern a ... more
Oppo BD 105D
June 5, 2015
If you refer to the " software " being the discs themselves ( ie DVDs and Blu rays ) then I guess like videotape they will become obsolete purely because the "hardware " required to play them will cease to exist in any meaningful way. Of course even today although many formats have bit the dust, there is always a healthy second hand market of ... more
Oppo BD 105D
June 3, 2015
4K Blu Ray will succeed, all be it will be something mainly early adopters will buy into initially. There are already a healthy number of 4K TVs out there selling well, and just as 1080P became the normal standard over previous 720P TVs, 4K will do the same over 1080P. I do agree however that this will perhaps be the final disc based mainstream ... more
To subwoofer or not to subwoofer ?
May 15, 2015
I use a subwoofer with all my sound sources, be it stereo or multi channel. I have it connected both High level ( for movie listening ) and Low level ( for music ) thus allowing it to augment my stereo pair during stereo listening. The sub crossover is set low enough so that only the very deepest bass notes are produced. My front pair are pretty ... more