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The Doors: The Doors        (6 of 7 found this review helpful)
  April 14, 2012

I'm not a big doors fan overall, but I have been very happy with the rest of the Warner Japan SACDs and decided to take a chance on this one. I'm glad that I did, even though one review here almost stopped me from buying it. I totally disagree with the assessment that this SACD has no ... more

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New site up
October 3, 2015
Ok, I'm still trying to figure-out how to submit unlisted SACDs and DVD-As to the new site. Is there ever going to be a way to do this on the new site? I've got about 30 disks which I'd like to get listed, and I'm even willing to do the data entry for these. I've emailed the content person twice now, but I haven't even received a response yet. So ... more
New site up
September 30, 2015
So is there no interface which allows you submit new and old titles to the site like there is on this site? I've submitted dozens of SACDs to this site, and I have lots of DVD-A titles which I'd love to get into the database as well. Do I really need to contact an administrator each and every time that I want to add a new title to the site? No ... more
New site up
September 27, 2015
Another question: How exactly does one submit new releases to the new site? I can't locate any options for doing this over there. ... more
New site up
September 17, 2015
Ok, I finally switched to the new site, even though I am of the opinion that it is a gigantic step backwards. Now could somebody please tell me how you can move titles from your "wish list" to your "library"? I can't find any options or pages which allow me to do this. Also, how can somebody remove something from your wish-list or your library? I ... more
New site up
August 23, 2015
All I see under music is what appears to be completely random releases under music. I don't see the same results appearing as on the old site. How do I tell it to sort by posting date? How do I get it to display more results per page? This new interface really stinks. ... more