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  Paul Renaud
  London, UK
  Oppo HA-1
Oppo BDP 105
Marantz SA 7001 KI
Musical Fidelity X Can V3
Sennheiser HD800
Quad ESL 63
Meridian Explorer DAC
B&W 805

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Petula Clark: Kiss Me Goodbye        (0 of 12 found this review helpful)
  July 30, 2014

I bought this disc after Glenn Gould admitted in a documentary that he was a big fan of Petula Clark and listened to her music in the car driving to the recording studios. Although the infobooklet is full of Highend buzz (32 bits 192 KHz Mastering, etc. there is no mention about the source of the ... more

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Rubinstein and Chopin
July 12, 2015
Does anybody has an idea whether the SACD and DSD downloads from the Living Stereo albums from Acoustic Sounds are different masterings. AS sells some Living Stereo album und their Analogue Production label. Are those different than the one sold some years ago by RCA direct. ... more
Pentatone: Remastered Classics - add your own wishes
July 12, 2015
NativeDSD has a far superior way of downloading DSF files also for the Pentatone releases. I only bought one DSD download from Pentatone direct and then converted to DSF with the help of JRiver ... more
Pentatone: Remastered Classics - add your own wishes
July 11, 2015
Good to hear. I hope soon. I stopped buying SACD's almost all together. I moved to DSD downloads where available. ... more
Rubinstein and Chopin
July 9, 2015
How can we be sure that the Living Stereo SACD were DSD masters. A lot of SACD's are the result of PCM copies from Analogue; manipulated/edited in the PCM domain (hopefully in DXD, but usually in lower Hz) and then converted to DSD. I am all for more transparency in the process from source to endfiles. ... more
Rubinstein and Chopin
July 8, 2015
Has anyone bought these SACD's and has an informed opinion about the sound quality. . Given that QOBUZ sells the HD downloads of the same album, suggests that album has been remastered by Sony for global release. ... more