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New Channel Classics Release Query
September 21, 2015
This approach seems eminently reasonable to me. I hope it means that Channel can continue to press new releases in this format for as long as possible. Glad to see you get the Gramophone award. Richly deserved. ... more
New site up
August 30, 2015
That is the crux of the matter for me too. Without the forum the community goes, and we are left with a factual database. Hard to feel much warmth or loyalty towards it as it stands. The reviews are still useful but the new site as a whole feels rather one dimensional. Like others I suspect, I have a quick look at what's new and then skip back ... more
BIS thread
June 20, 2015
Sad to read this on the day 3 BIS discs arrived in the mail, and with another on order. But I understand your dilemma. You have to do what is right for your business. Like others, I am a little underwhelmed or indifferent to downloading, but I will probably go that route when the time comes. Whether I will buy as many titles as I do now though is ... more
Discussion: Ravel: Orchestral works - Ozawa
June 1, 2015
Tom, I wasn't familiar with this recording either, but it sounds beautiful in stereo. A warm and spacious recording with lovely string tone. A little traffic rumble in places but nothing to worry about. In some ways it reminds me of listing to an LP on a top quality turntable, cohesive, slightly rounded, but none the worse for that, and without the ... more
Works that we need on SACD
March 14, 2015
And Job too. The equal of any of the symphonies IMO. I was rather hoping by now that Chandos would have delivered on the 7th and 9th. One would expect that Andrew Davis would be game. I heard him conduct a cracking performance of the 9th last year. ... more