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Jeff Beck: Blow by Blow        (1 of 6 found this review helpful)
  June 25, 2014

Packaging is more or less 7" (45 size) for North American readers. It's nice that a 5.1 version is available as a hybrid SA-CD disc. One must wonder if all of the Japanese record companies are going to re-release their best titles as 7" paper sleeve CD's, per the P.F.M. titles from JVC (Victor), ... more
The Buggles: The Age of Plastic      (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  June 25, 2014

As previously stated, a very crisp transfer, done in England at FX Copyroom. The sound is definitely clearer than even the re-re-remastered CD. Only drawback is that it's the 11 track version and not the later issue with more bonus tracks. That said, the bonus tracks here are welcome in SA-CD ... more
  December 3, 2011

I was delighted to find that this hybrid stereo SA-CD was the 8 track version, as opposed to the more recently issued RVG 7 track version. The sound is excellent, and this is one of the better late 50's Horace Silver albums. I don't have to tell you who mastered it, but Kevin and Gus did a great job ... more
Lou Donaldson: Blues Walk        (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  April 27, 2011

Surprised no one else has reviewed this so far! A wonderful stereo-only disc. Lovely 1958 Rudy Van Gelder recording brought back to life by the mastering talents of - you guessed it - Kevin Gray, Steve Hoffman and Gus Skinas. For Lou Donaldson's first stereo LP (#6), the band is Donaldson (alto ... more
Traffic: John Barleycorn Must Die      (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  April 13, 2011

To be sure, this is the version to own - though you might wish to have the bonus tracks to be found on the recent Universal / Island England 2CD Deluxe version. This Japanese SHM-SA-CD is as good as any original Island UK vinyl - one must wonder why a higher caliber of recording wasn't in order for ... more

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Discussion: Mike Bloomfield-Al Kooper-Steve Stills: Super Session
September 10, 2014
Amazing sound throughout. Actually new liner notes from Al! Bloomfield seems to be mixed a tad louder than Stills. Overall great 5.1 mix. Al says "Child Is Father To The Man" is coming in 5.1! They don't make 'em like this anymore. Wow! ... more