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  Neil Underwood
  Audiophile/videophile; member of the SA-CD Professionals Group; editor contributing writer for Canada Hi Fi magazine; owner/operator of Off The Grid Audio, a retailer of high value top performance audio/video gear/accessories. First, and foremost, a music and movie lover!
  Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  Red Wine Audio 70.2 mono blocks, Conrad Johnson LS17II preamplifier ( incl. HTB for L/R 5.1 pass thru), Esoteric X-05 CD/SACD player, Marantz DV9600( all DVD based A/V sources via two ch analog & Cardas HDMI), OPPO BDP 103 for all video sources direct into front projector via Tributaries Series 9 HDMI & all MCH audio sources via Furutech 1.3a HDMI into a Marantz SR6001 AVR which handles multi ch HDMI audio only/no video utilizing Audyssey in "Flat" mode, IsoTek GII Mini Sub power conditioner( heavily mass dampened, used for transformer based power supplies only), Scientific Atlanta 8300 HD PVR with Cable Isolator ( no 60hz hum!), ELAC 208 Anniversary L/R speakers, ELAC Anniversary 201 center, Mirage 90i rears, Mirage FRX 8 subwoofer, Cardas Golden Reference IC's, power cables, Golden Cross bi wire speaker cable for L/R, Mitsubishi HC4900 1080P front projector and Screen Innovations retractable 80" screen. Cardas Myrtle cable support blocks ( no cable touches floor, shelf etc)Furutech eTP80 for all switch mode power supplies into Isotek Mira( specially designed for SMPS) and a Furutech FT D20A-R outlet with Furutech carbon fibre 103-D dampening plate. Main L/C/R speakers located midfield, in an acoustically neutral room position within a mid sized 10'W X 16'L room with 8.5' ceilings located at the rear of a 50' space. Back wall is 5' wide with a doorless opening that reduces standing wave issues as bass waves have 50' to travel. Room treatments consist of 18" X 36" foam diffusers at each first reflection point for LCR speakers on front, side and back walls.

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Should take Blu-Ray Audio on board?
August 27, 2014
Hi Fitz, Yup you are correct a classic case of being over worked and seeing what I hoped to see, not what was present. I had to go back and re-read the Wiki and scratch my head as to how I construed PWM as PDM, big duh! I will now go back to listening to and enjoying my SACD's... ... more
Should take Blu-Ray Audio on board?
August 27, 2014
You are welcome, Joseph! The heady days of Laser Disc when the only other option was VHS were indeed a videophile and audiophile's dream. I still recall the BIG DEAL when 5.1 Dolby Digital and the associated AC-3 decoding was added near the end of Laser Disc's run. In any case the Laser Disc based on PDM analog encoding and being an optical disc ... more
Should take Blu-Ray Audio on board?
August 26, 2014
Thanks, Tom! Got it, I was missing the time domain element which was silly of me as we are dealing with 2.8 million bits per second. The "picket fence" analogy was by no means insulting as it provides a visual representation that hopefully will be as helpful to our fellow forum members as it has for me to help understand the analog nature of ... more
Should take Blu-Ray Audio on board?
August 19, 2014
Hi Tom, Your explanation of DSD and it's characteristics relative to PCM and analog are probably the best summation of the technology I've read to date. The point that may be confusing our fellow contributors is, and correct me if I am wrong, but DSD performance emulates the manner in which a analog signal unfolds with each bit's ... more
IS SHM~SACD The Closest We've Come To The Master Tapes?
October 15, 2011
Hey Rammie The SHM SACD 2 channel re-issues of a number of the classic rock/pop titles are now offering the original analog master tapes with no EQ, compression or re-mastering of any sort just a straight analog to DSD conversion. Theoretically this may offer us the best digital version closest to what the performers/engineers were trying to ... more