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  Neil Underwood
  Audiophile/videophile; member of the SA-CD Professionals Group; editor contributing writer for Canada Hi Fi magazine; owner/operator of Off The Grid Audio, a retailer of high value top performance audio/video gear/accessories. First, and foremost, a music and movie lover!
  Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  Red Wine Audio 70.2 mono blocks, Conrad Johnson LS17II preamplifier ( incl. HTB for L/R 5.1 pass thru), Esoteric X-05 CD/SACD player, Marantz DV9600( all DVD based A/V sources via two ch analog & Cardas HDMI), OPPO BDP 103 for all video sources direct into front projector via Tributaries Series 9 HDMI & all MCH audio sources via Furutech 1.3a HDMI into a Marantz SR6001 AVR which handles multi ch HDMI audio only/no video utilizing Audyssey in "Flat" mode, IsoTek GII Mini Sub power conditioner( heavily mass dampened, used for transformer based power supplies only), Scientific Atlanta 8300 HD PVR with Cable Isolator ( no 60hz hum!), ELAC 208 Anniversary L/R speakers, ELAC Anniversary 201 center, Mirage 90i rears, Mirage FRX 8 subwoofer, Cardas Golden Reference IC's, power cables, Golden Cross bi wire speaker cable for L/R, Mitsubishi HC4900 1080P front projector and Screen Innovations retractable 80" screen. Cardas Myrtle cable support blocks ( no cable touches floor, shelf etc)Furutech eTP80 for all switch mode power supplies into Isotek Mira( specially designed for SMPS) and a Furutech FT D20A-R outlet with Furutech carbon fibre 103-D dampening plate. Main L/C/R speakers located midfield, in an acoustically neutral room position within a mid sized 10'W X 16'L room with 8.5' ceilings located at the rear of a 50' space. Back wall is 5' wide with a doorless opening that reduces standing wave issues as bass waves have 50' to travel. Room treatments consist of 18" X 36" foam diffusers at each first reflection point for LCR speakers on front, side and back walls.

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