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  Jared Sacks
  director, producer and engineer of Channel Classics Records
  Next to the river Waal in Herwijnen Holland
  Different speakers:
B+W 803D
Classe amplifier (5 channel)
van der Hul interlinks
quad electrostat
Monitor Audio
Audio Lab Holland

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New Channel Classics Release Query
September 20, 2015
There will well be a moment when a decision must be made. I feel an obligation to pressing SACDs since I was one of the first back in February 2001. Right now Channel has been publicly announcing that first runs will be SACD, but if the sales slow down but a pressing is needed - (usually for the artists who sell at concerts) then we would only ... more
New Channel Classics Release Query
September 19, 2015
Actually it is only 95% in a study done two years ago amongst retailers. Was trying to give the SACD buyer the benefit of the doubt. ... more
New Channel Classics Release Query
September 19, 2015
Arell, The price of the SACD has always been too low. The SACD is a niche market but 90% of the buyers just want the normal cd layer who were not interested in this format. I am only 17euros ex shipping.    If I put the price where it should be because of the investment in the equipment of recording SACD, the extra work in preparing the files, ... more
Discussion: Mahler: Symphony No. 9 - Fischer
April 20, 2015
We are recording no 7 in September. no. 3 next spring. No plans for any further Mahler...... I can always ask about the 10th but I don't think Ivan will do this as it needs to be planned first for concert tours etc. before recording. We will see! jared ... more
Discussion: Mahler: Symphony No. 9 - Fischer
April 12, 2015
Last week I did the final listening (three times for the three different layers) and I can honestly say this is the most emotionally draining listening I have ever done. I also think that this has been some of the best work Hein Dekker and I have done to date with the BFO. What is really an important fact is with the first and second violins ... more