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Why sell historic recordings in SACD?
June 26, 2010
Well to get back to the First question, I am new to the sacd game, but not to music. But, I am simply blown away by some of the Living Stereo releases I have bought. Just finished listening to the Leinsdorf Turandot, what a great remastering. I used to have this on lp, later the first cd incarnation, which sounded dull and dry. It really was no fun ... more
SACD without the Big Players?!?
June 20, 2010
My statement was somewhat controversial, but I wanted to make a point - obviously there are many shades of grey out there. I remember when I used to study in vienna in the 80s, I was lucky enough to hear many legendary and outstanding artists. I guess what most of them had was an outstanding personality, often giving the audience the feeling ... more
SACD without the Big Players?!?
June 18, 2010
Thanks for the warm welcome! Today my Munch - Daphnis arrived, just finished listening to it and ( pardon my English) had a sonic orgasm, I am truly blown away. It sounded phantastic and what a great performance. Up to now I had cherished my Monteux rbcd recording of it, but with these sonics, ok all I can write is Wow! ... more
SACD without the Big Players?!?
June 17, 2010
Well in all fairness I have only listened to the Stereo part of the Eschenbach sacd, since that is my setup. I am a stereo person and have a surround setup for watching movies. All I could write about was the stereo layer and that (to me) was underwhelming sonically. I am sure good multichannel setups really must be thrilling, but I am more than ... more
SACD without the Big Players?!?
June 17, 2010
Nope, no info on how it was recorded. But the reviews in the titles section are also not exstatic. [t=3370] The Heifetz - Beethoven sounds amazing in comparison, even though it was recorded 40 years earlier. I also ordered the Reiner - Bartok concerto from Living Stereo, which is supposed to sound great. Also a lot more satisfying artistically. ... more