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17th Chopin Piano Competition
October 26, 2015
Chopin is available on demand until Nov. 3(Tuesday), 2015, Japan time. Listening now to my colleagues work in 5.6mHz Stereo DSD, working fine and sounding great! ... more
Quadraphonic recordings from the catalogue of Emi/Warner Classics
September 28, 2015
What I know about usenet newsgroups is, is that it has nothing to do with news, but facilitates parties to earn money by distributing content without the content owners permission and without paying for it. Even if not illegal in all cases it is amoral. ... more
Caro Mitis
September 11, 2015
Then I advise you not to go to opera houses as many instruments are only heard via reflections (they are deep in the orchestra pit) and you often hear them from high up and/or behind. Same happens in many concert halls. The idea with 5 channel speaker set up is to use the sound all speakers reproduce to recreate a soundfield. This is not perfect ... more
Caro Mitis
September 10, 2015
I hope you agree that this does not apply to the items of the thread name. For you who do not know this one yet: From the primephonic website CM0092004 and try out track 12 Improvisation and Fugue. with 5 channel surround and equal loudness from your speakers there is sound coming from all speakers, but the piano is in front of you. Yet a vast ... more
Caro Mitis
September 10, 2015
About the Penguin guide's opinion; apparently I do disagree...... To look at rear speakers in a playback system simply as to add something (“subtle background ambience???”) to the front speakers is not doing justice to the potential the combination of 5 (in this case) speakers have to reproduce specifically designed recordings for such a system. ... more