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newbie dsd question
March 4, 2010
I have not posted to this forum in some time. But I came to the exact same conclusion. 2-CH SACD has no audible difference over a well mastered CD. People went all nuts saying I was trolling, blaming my equipment, attacking me, etc. Technical arguments were at best a waste of time. It was very child-like and defensive and why I stopped posting. ... more
Perceivable audio quality
January 7, 2010
It was a joke of course, in response to how some people "hate" things for whatever reasons, sometimes ones that are completely irrational or nonsensical. My point, who cares, even if so? Someone may get angry at the color tie I'm wearing. No point discussing it! ... more
Discussion: The Nordic Sound
January 7, 2010
LOL, I don't know how anyone can take Fremer seriously. The guy frankly has no clue what he's yapping about 1/2 the time. Holt was the last good editor at Stereophile. The rest are.. ... more
Discussion: The Nordic Sound
January 7, 2010
Agreed. I've just seen it and it's the only film where 3D even works. Great stuff. But IMHO, for 3D Blu-ray to take off, there needs to be good material and studio commitment. Not just Ice Age and Avatar. We'll see, but I cautiously pessimistic, seeing how studios can't even manage to do many proper Blu-ray transfers of many 2D and classic films - ... more
Perceivable audio quality
January 6, 2010
Why do people care what other people like or dislike? This is not a technical argument, so why bother? If it were, it would be a different issue. As it stands, who cares? I'm sure you can find people that hate many things for many reasons. I for one hated CDs back in 1977! Because I knew they were coming. What's the point of arguing? ... more