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Marantz BD/SACD/DVDA player ?
March 15, 2009
Well, the D&M group (which owns Marantz, Denon and McIntosh) obviously has the technology to do such a player, as the top Denon BD model, the DVD-A1UD, plays BD, SACD and DVD-A (and DVD-V and CD, and...), and should be in the shops really soon (this month, or next month, probably it is already for sale in Japan). So I think it's only a matter of ... more
Sony debuts $1,500 SACD player with HDMI output
March 12, 2009
I am quite sure that the '1796 (the DSD/PCM indication before the name doesn't mean anything in particular, the normal BB/TI model name is PCM, they replaced it with DSD on some batches some time ago, it seems) decodes DSD per se, without converting it to PCM, as it is a somewhat lower spec PCM1792. best, Igor ... more
Discussion: Elisa: Lotus
July 7, 2008
No, it was a limited edition. I don't think it will be reissued in SA-CD. best, Igor ... more
Oppo Player as a step up?
December 6, 2007
Mediatek doesn't produce DACs, according to my knowledge. The Oppo uses a Crystal/Cirrus Logic multichannel chip as a DAC (the CS4361). The all-purpose chip which manages the video and audio streams is by Mediatek (a special version for Oppo); the Mediatek chip also converts DSD to PCM, as the Cirrus Logic DAC can't manage DSD. best, Igor ... more
The Non-SACD Supporters Black List (hardware manufactures)
May 29, 2007
I saw it at a recent audio show. It wasn't playing, though, just a static exhibit. Best, Igor PS: it seems that the upcoming YBA Design YM501 multiformat player (part of their "budget" Y products) will play SACD. ... more