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  David Olifant
  I am a physician and amateur cellist. I have a profound love of classical music, but have in the past few years developed a love of jazz as well.
  Houston,Texas, USA
  Bel Canto PL-1 universal player, Krell HTS 7.1 Preamp-processor, Bel Canto evo6 amp, B & W speakers (5.1 setup, 805s main R & L), Martin Logan Depth subwoofer, Gilmore V2/SE headphone amp, Sennheiser 650 headphones

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Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 - Vänskä        (8 of 8 found this review helpful)
  November 10, 2006

I have just listened to Vanska's version of the Choral Symphony, and I am floored. As stated by the other reviewers, the tempi are fleet for the most part, with the scherzo about the "usual". For fun, I played it after listening to the Bernstein/Vienna Philharmonic lp version. The styles are ... more
Bach: Goldberg Variations - Glenn Gould      (16 of 17 found this review helpful)
  May 31, 2005

I have both Glenn Gould versions (1955 and 1981) on CD, the SACD version of the 1981 listed here, as well as an SACD with Perahia's version. I have listened to them all many times recently, compared them extensively, and read a biography of Gould. There is also an interesting movie...32 Short Films ... more
Beethoven & Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos - Heifetz/Munch        (10 of 12 found this review helpful)
  November 6, 2004

These reissues are undoubtedly amongst the most treasured recordings of these fine pieces. There must be 50 or more interpretations of the Beethoven currently available, but you must hear Heifetz. No schmaltz. He articulates Beethoven as Beethoven wrote the concerto. The emotion is the ... more
Chopin: Ballades & Scherzos - Rubinstein        (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
  October 23, 2004

This is from the "Living Stereo" series by RCA, now re-released on SACD. The original 2 or 3 track analog masters were used. The multichannel tracks use the front 3 channels only. The stereo presented is the original mix, no remixing. The sound is great. You can hear Rubenstein breathing, and even ... more
Bach: Six Suites for Solo Cello - Janos Starker        (11 of 11 found this review helpful)
  October 23, 2004

There are many recordings of these fine pieces, dug out of the dustbin by the legendary Pablo Casals, and made into true concert pieces. This rendition by Janos Starker is from 1963-1965, at the absolute peak of his cellistic powers. He, Rostropovich and Fournier are the greatest cellists of the ... more

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Discussion: Starker plays Kodaly
March 23, 2005
Well, I paid through the nose for this. Bought it on ebay from a vendor out of Hong Kong. Its Japanese, and they LOVE Starker. So do I. The more I listen to him, I realize that his performances are so musical, well thought out. The attention to detail is incredible. I basically buy evey recording of him I can find. He is that good. The Kodaly ... more
Will BluRay or HD DVD be the real Hi-rez format for music?
March 23, 2005
Khom, good point, but by then you will just download the files onto your computer. Except you will have super bandwidth at your house, and the files will be large for high rez music, not like the mp3s we download now. Or imagine going to an audio store with a portable hard drive, sitting at a terminal, and buying your high rez audio tracks and ... more
Will BluRay or HD DVD be the real Hi-rez format for music?
March 22, 2005
I was reading in a video mag an article by Robet Harley that Blu Ray will have specifications for high rez music in multichannel, yet the discs will allow for video as well, possibly stereo tracks, basically everything. It would seem that this would be a great thing since you could get alot of content on the disc, satisfying the average listener ... more
a farewell thanks to fellow contributors from nucaleena
May 21, 2004
I am new here, and only have one review. I will miss nuccaleena, as he and a few others truly know classical music. As a cellist, I appreciate the perspective that knowledge brings to the table. I have not only purchased SACDs on nucalleenas opinions, but also suggested CDs. I do not know what brought about his leaving, but I will say that I knew ... more
SACD vs DVD-A? Many recordings are now available in both
April 10, 2004
Why not get a quality universal source if you can afford it? My Bel Canto Player does it all quite well. I use the analog outputs to a high quality preamp/processor (Krell) and go to a 6 channel amp (Bel Canto evo 6.1), then on to B&W speakers. Stereo and MC is great and movies are too. You can combine a home theatre and music system. I heard a ... more