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Anyone else like Latin music?
June 14, 2012
Totally with you there..... a good recording that will likely be improved... ... more
Anyone else like Latin music?
June 13, 2012
Hello, Thanks for the bigger list... it's still really small really... when you take into account..... And, I'm with Teresa, - would be looking for something a bit more contemporary, - like Ojos De Brujo. Ojos de Brujo redbook recordings are pretty decent though.... Paquito de Rivera on Chesky, (in my opinion), {like just about all Chesky ... more
Anyone else like Latin music?
June 7, 2012
""There seems to be tons of Latin music in the SACD format."" Sadly.. no......... almost none... and your list is pretty comprehensive. Romero is a good one that you forgot.... Un Segundo Una Vida + Pete ... more
New Titles on Way
May 30, 2012
+ 1 ... more
When do we get U2 on SACD?
May 30, 2012
What I meant by not caring about the SQ, - is that many of their recordings were originally really bad SQ. Not talking about mastering with compression for radio.... We need to be careful with the term "louder." If it's actually "louder" than the upper treble, cymbals, vocal "s"s are sibilant and way to hissy, - IMO, - a better term is "hot to ... more