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Any other passions in life besides music?
December 22, 2013
Whereas creationism, which relies on the presence of a god or higher being, has loads of evidence supporting it. Hmm..... ... more
Any other passions in life besides music?
October 8, 2012
Sports cars, great food and increasingly photography. ... more
BIS thread
October 2, 2012
Just ordered your new Gershwin disc. I'll continue to buy them as long as you make them. I must have about 30 BIS SACDs now. One quick question - when will Wachet Auf - BWV 140 be added to the Bach Cantata series? Or have I missed it? Thanks for all your recordings. Very sorry to read that you've had to let your production teams go. I assume ... more
BIS thread
September 14, 2012
Thanks Robert. I'll check it out! ... more
BIS thread
September 14, 2012
Hello I know this is a long shot, but worth asking anyway... Is there any chance of a recording of the beautiful Mozart K452 Piano and Wind Quintet? I can't find a version on SACD (although my RBCD with Murray Perahia et al is lovely). BIS has many wonderful players up its sleeve. Could be something very special. Thanks for reading. Xavier ... more