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Discussion: Jerusalem - Savall
April 20, 2014
I have this sacd, I like it, so I went tonite to the Sydney Opera House to hear Savall and Hysperion perform it. All I can say is that it was a terribly poor and amateurish concert. The main problem was that they AMPLIFIED all the instruments and all the singers, and then passed them through a MIX and added reverb and rubbish, and played it back to ... more
Problems with Berkshire
April 9, 2010
If that's all the disclaimer says, they shouldn't be shipping out damaged booklets. Simple. If the booklet is damaged, they should say so. If I was buying CDs to rip, I prolly wouldn't care. But if I was buying SACDs, well you r not buying to rip, r u? U buy to keep. And I'd never buy a damaged booklet. Just tell the company they sent you bodgy ... more
How many SACD's does the average user's have????
April 9, 2010
9. Apparently below average. ... more
SACD on Wiki
May 18, 2009
Well, the troll guy Binksternet or whatever is back, trying to delete the summary of famous artists on SACD. Must be unemployed or something. Anyway, recently, a summary of famous Jazz artists has been added. This currently reads as: -- Notable jazz artists on SACD include: Elvis Costello, Art Pepper, Miles Davis, Monty Alexander, Dave Brubeck ... more
SACD on Wiki
May 7, 2009
I actually discovered this site by following the reference tag here on the Wiki SACD page. In the last few days, an edit war has broken out on the SACD wiki page when some DVD-Audio supporters turned up and tried to make substantial changes to the SACD page: things like - trying to bolster the ... more