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  Donald Cramer
  Self-employed environmental consultant
Amateur clarinetist and saxophonist
Listening habits: 70% classical (all periods), with a preference for chamber music; 20% classic rock and modern rock with a weakness for prog rock of all kinds; 10% classic jazz (Blue Note, Impulse, etc.)
  Suburban Washington, DC
  Quad ESL 57 Speakers, treble panels rebuilt by Wayne Picquet
Heathkit UA-1 monoblock amplifiers, rebuilt/modified by Bill Thalmann
VSE Level 6+ modified Sony SCD-777ES
Garrard 401 turntable
RS-A1 and 12" cherrywood tonearms
Various MM cartridges plus a Denon DL-103
Audion Silver Knight phono preamp
Red Wine Audio Source Select Switch
Custom built cabling by an audiophile friend in Thailand

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June 4, 2013
Ah, the Nielsen Concerto is finally here! I've been looking forward to this one. Robert, without wanting to appear too much of a "goober", I asked you approximately a year ago if procuring a copy signed by Sharon would be possible. If she ever toured in the U.S. I would dutifully wait in line for an autograph :-) Is there a more appropriate venue ... more
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March 5, 2013
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Discussion: Goossens: Orchestral Works Vol. 2 - Sir Andrew Davis
March 1, 2013
Yes, Chandos has really been stepping up to the plate and delivering - I too would look forward to a completion of the VW symphonies and the Holst cycle; the two releases to date have been more than satisfying although the performance of the Planets would not be my first choice (or second). Actually, I would love to see a continued survey of ... more