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  My musical preferences are symphonic film music, classical (from Beethoven to contemporary), electronic music (seventies and eighties), some progressive rock.
  Brussels, Belgium
  NAD M5 (SA-CD)
Marantz CD-67SE (CD player)
Toshiba HD-XE1 (HD-DVD)
Oppo BDP83SE (BD and everything else)
Denon AVC-A1SR (Amp.)
Mission 782 (3 pairs) + Mission 78C (Speakers, 7 channels)
REL Q201E (2x) (Subwoofers)
Sharp XVZ10000 (Projector) & 100 inch wide screen
Located in a dedicated room, acoustically treated
Use: home-cinema (20% of the time) and music listening (mostly in MCH) (80%)

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Discussion: Suk: Asrael Symphony - Ashkenazy
January 21, 2009
Well, I think I'll get both. The purchase of the BIS version was already decided without hesitation, but I am also tempted by this one so I'll buy both and try to compare them. ... more
Discussion: Mahler: Symphony No. 8 - Gergiev
January 21, 2009
I hope it will at least sound good on disc (as apparently it was not that good for the people attending the event). Recordings made in churches or cathedrals can sometimes sound so dreadful. Oh well, at least, we may have a chance to avoid the excessively dry sound of the Barbican recordings. ... more
SACD player recommendation anyone?
January 21, 2009
Ah yes, indeed! I forgot Sony, my apologies. Thanks for the correction. The good news is that it makes at least one multichannel audio-only player for each level of budget. Cheers. ... more
SACD player recommendation anyone?
January 20, 2009
Philip, I have hesitated to reply because this would go far above the budget you mentioned (500£) but the NAD M5 is currently to my knowledge the least expensive Multichannel audio only SACD / CD player (no DVD or video) (there are one or two others, but at prices going around the 10000$ or more). That makes approx. 2000 though, a little more ... more
How many of you are - actually - SACD-ONLY buyers???
January 20, 2009
Dear Robert, To answer your question, I have started purchasing SACD's since end 2005 / early 2006 when I got my Denon A1. At that time, I had specifically chosen a DVD player with SACD playback. Less than a year later, I added the NAD M5 (2000 no less) in order to have a specific, dedicated player for SACD's. From 2006 until today, I have ... more