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  Multichannel music enthusiast, mad about electrostatic speakers!
  Sony SCD-XA9000es Multichannel SACD player Denon DVD A1XU Multichannel Universal player
Parasound P7 Multichannel pre-amp, Parasound JC1 mono blocks for the front, and A31 for centre and rears (all the monoblocks are placed close to the speakers to reduce speaker cable length to a metre). QED XTube400 speaker cable.
Quad 2905 front L and R, Martin Logan "Theatre" centre, and "Scenario" rears, REL "Stadium 3" subwoofer, with analogue equaliser, arranged in the correct 5.1 layout.
Oppo BDP 105 Universal player (for Blu-Ray and DVD-Audio)
Chord Hugo DSD DAC - Teac 501 DSD DAC
Apple MacBook Pro - Mac mini - Mac mini server

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  May 15, 2012

I've been a fan of Heart since the debut album. Overall I enjoyed this disc, it creates a live feel in surround. Their set list includes two Led Zepplin covers, and frankly aren't that great, but not my favourite track of theirs, "If Looks Could Kill" Other than that recommended and good value for ... more
Cannonball Adderley with Milt Jackson: Things Are Getting Better        (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
  March 10, 2012

Firstly this is superb music and a wonderful performance, which explains why I have this on vinyl and SACD. And it gets 5 stars for this. I have spent some time listening to this SACD, comparing it to the CD layer and the vinyl version, with a friend who is also into audio. We find the CD layer ... more

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What is the best multichannel SACD player????
Yesterday 03:57 am
But it converts DSD to PCM and it still doesn't have distance compensation! For $12K It has a fancy case I guess... ... more
What is the best multichannel SACD player????
Yesterday 01:02 am
I've listened to the Unidisk and the Akkurate, but still prefer the Sony SCD XA 9000ES that I started this thread with. In fact I also peter the NAD M5 and the Denon DVDA1XVA - all three have distance compensation for SACD in the DSD domain that the Linn lacks. (The NAD's implementation of it is inflexible though) I'd be very surprised if the ... more
What is the best multichannel SACD player????
July 25, 2013
Thanks for this - I will be downloading this and trying it out. ... more
What is the best multichannel SACD player????
July 25, 2013
Thanks for rapid response! There is also this - I imagine you are looking at this already? In fact I think you mentioned it in one of your articles? RE. Audyssey My old AV processor which was introduced in 2003 (Tag McLaren AV32 Dual processor) can process room correction internally at 24/96, but ... more
What is the best multichannel SACD player????
July 25, 2013
Kal, I read with interest your Stereophile articles on DSD DACs etc. I was in NYC recently and picked up both the last two with your Mytek x3 test and the "manufacturers comments" in the following issue. 1. I'm glad you are coming round to my belief - which started this huge thread - that it's better to listen to DSD direct to analogue without ... more