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Rolling Stones: Exile on Main St.      (3 of 14 found this review helpful)
  January 6, 2012

Whoa! Hold off ordering this one based on 1 review! Wow, I am on my initial listen on a sub - par system, but I have learned over the years what to expect on my serious system, and this disc is far too bright. If anything, I had hoped it would have been "tamed" a bit from the most recent recent ... more
Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers      (5 of 12 found this review helpful)
  June 26, 2011

Hmmm, a tough review. Granted, the original cd release was crap, but the Virgin remaster was a great improvement. Having said that, I decided to pit the two against each other; Virgin vs. SHM-SACD. Also at the same time, I'm breaking in a brand new SACD player, a Sony SCD-XA5400ES. To keep things ... more
  October 14, 2010

Certainly first I think we all need to thank the few labels that are putting out new SACD titles, despite the Japan giant Sony dropping the ball again. Who's Next is a WELCOME ADDITION TO MY SACD COLLECTION, and the best sounding recording of this masterpiece I have ever heard. Previous reviews have ... more
John Hiatt: Bring the Family        (2 of 4 found this review helpful)
  June 18, 2010

Really nice album. I hear Dylan, Van Morrison, and Bruce... influences, to name a few. The cover of "Thing Called Love" isn't even that bad, but the rest of the album is great. Having an incredible band, Ry Cooder guitar, slide guitar, and sitar. Jim Keltner on drums, and Nick Lowe on bass, how can ... more
The Who: My Generation      (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  May 15, 2010

What impresses me most about this sacd release it that with the WHOPPING number of bonus tracks included, the cd still flows naturally. On most recordings this old, bonus tracks are sub-par recordings that don't sound anything like the original album, and to me, don't belong on the same disc. But on ... more

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Discussion: Bob Dylan: Desire
January 16, 2010
Hi, while all the differences in temp, humidity, scotch (single or blend), wall paint, carpet thickness and oven temp (if on), sea level, if you were in a war (which one), would make a difference... My point was that if you are grading the sonic qualities of an SACD on the bonus 5.1 surround system that came with your 40" LCD TV, that possibly you ... more
Discussion: Bob Dylan: Desire
May 30, 2008
Hey Dylan fans, don't mean to dissapoint you, but the SACD remasters are pretty much hype. Don't know if it is just me, but the top layer sounds worse than the standard CD version, and the SACD 2nd layer may be a hair better on a true SACD system. Which is one of my complaints about this rating system. No one rating these CDs states what they are ... more