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  Konrad Kalkwerk
  My love of music continues unabated, but the endless experiments on hearing, aural perception, and sound reproduction, I think, have come to an end.
  ~ 60th latitude.
  * ME-Geithain active monitor speakers RL901K ( "the most accurate speakers in the world" with which you can drive the SPL up to 122 dB and still enjoy the music; moreover, your neighbors behind the wall won't hear the bass (it's directional [yes]) even though these put most subwoofers to shame. Add to that the precision and depth of the sound image (these are coaxial) and the huge dynamics (comes from being powered, with the bespoke amps designed and made in-house) and the proof is on hand that "audio heaven" is best found with good electrical engineers as your guide. 2nd system: ME-Geithain RL906 (
* Ultrasone S-Logic Pro headphones ( -- healthier listening with the SPLs I like to go for, although I have not used them for years now.
* dCS player/DAC (
* Yamaha player/DAC
* Funk Tonstudiotechnik headphone/preamp ( the least "sounding" preamps I know of and they cost peanuts (compared to...); no wonder Bauer Studios (ECM), Teldec/Teldex studios, Sony, FMP, radio stations like ORF, NDR, WDR, SWR, and Bavarian Radio use these, along with equipment/audio tool makers like Nagra, SADiE, Weiss, Bösendorfer, ADAM Audio, ME-Geithain, etc.
* Sommer Cable & Funk Tonstudiotechnik cabling (,, but these could be any cables that are well made. Very good price/quality ratio and top-quality German engineering in both cases here.

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  October 15, 2012

An odd response by the other reviewer above. What one is hearing on this new remaster is greater fidelity which puts everything into sharper relief. The problem with all the previous releases (I've had maybe six of them over the years, starting with the domestic Soviet-era LP box set) was that the ... more
Brahms & Ligeti: Horn Trios        (9 of 10 found this review helpful)
  September 20, 2012

Since no one is reviewing this, I'm just going to register my gut reaction basically lifted from a discussion thread: What phenomenal music-making going on in here! Only highest marks, and that in every department coming into question: virtuosity and expressiveness of the individual players (both ... more
Hagen Quartett 30          (6 of 8 found this review helpful)
  October 30, 2011

This is simply a stupendous release. For anyone accustomed to hearing this repertory through analog-era recordings, it will take some time to get one's ears adjusted to hearing all the multiple levels of finesse, power, and variety that this quartet is capable of bringing out in the music. The ... more
Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde - Klemperer        (14 of 17 found this review helpful)
  October 16, 2010

I wanted to be the first one to review this SACD release of one of my all-time favorite recordings, but was beat to the punch by a fellow listener. For me, Klemperer's take of this masterpiece of Western classical music is one of the high points in the history of recorded music, surpassed only by ... more

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Discussion: Beethoven: Violin Concerto - Oistrakh
November 14, 2015
Re: the review of this disc from today: It's not a Japanese remastering. It's a British remastering done at the (former EMI's) Abbey Road studios, by the same crew that did all the EMI SACDs before Warner bought EMI and that has done all the Warner SACDs based on EMI releases (like this) ever since. It's just that most of that work was ... more
Yamaha CD-S2000?
November 9, 2015
Yes, it's a totally different design. It uses most of the technology developed for the flagship CD-S3000 model (incl. the Yamaha-developed mech and tray/drawer) and is in no way anything like an updated version of the 2000 model. This despite the confusing relatedness of the model name and the looks between the two (2000 and 2100). Even sonically ... more
Yamaha CD-S2000?
November 9, 2015
Not aware of any typical flaws with the CD-S2000, but would saving up for the replacement model CD-S2100 be an option? It has a proprietary (Yamaha-designed and made) drive mech and metal tray which spell durability -- the same stuff as in their cost-no-object CD-S3000 flagship model (basically just the power supply differs a bit between the two ... more
New Warner Reissues
October 30, 2015
The difference between these and the earlier Warner-released SACDs is that the current batch (all those things by Klemperer, the Knaben Wunderhorn by Szell, Schwarzkopf & Fi-Di, etc., all those recordings originally released on EMI) is done from the original tapes by the former EMI Abbey Road team -- the same guys that did the excellent EMI SACDs ... more
Decca reissue-series from Analogue Productions
October 29, 2015
Those would indeed be great. Of all the offerings for now, I think only the Oistrakh set has an exclamation mark attached to it, in my tired-out mind. ... more