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  Steve Whitton

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Budapest Live - Ivan Fischer          (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
  May 8, 2010

Iíve been intending to write a review of this disc for a while now, but time always seems to beat me. Anyway, here I am, and very pleased to be writing my very first review of an SACD here or anywhere else. What sort of a listener am I? I consider that I have a reasonably good pair of nearly 50 year ... more

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ELO: Out Of The Blue 24bit release
December 1, 2015
Ralph, Did you go for this release? If yes, do you have any reports yet with regard to audio quality? Sounds a great deal to me too! ... more
Concern with sacd disc players
December 1, 2015
Hopefully you're beginning to get a feel for our input. I suppose you'd have to ask yourself, how's my Pioneer PD-30 doing? How long have you had it - how happy are you with it? When I first started looking into buying a hi-res player back in 2006, I dug up what seemed a load of negative posts - if I remember correctly. The Arcam DV137 had been ... more
Concern with sacd disc players
December 1, 2015
If my 9 year old Arcam DV137 were to start malfunctioning/pack up, I'd naturally be very disappointed. However, bearing in mind that it's used almost daily, I don't think I could point the finger at Arcam and accuse them of making a poor quality product. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but both of the players shown in that link appear to be from 2005 - or ... more
Concern with sacd disc players
November 27, 2015
I can't speak with any great experience, as the player that I own is the first hi-res player that I've ever owned. I bought my Arcam DV137 brand new nine years ago in November 2006, and it plays all discs perfectly well - same as the day I bought it. That's both hybrid SACDs and DVD-As, DTS-CDs, DVD-Vs and the humble audio CD. It is not very often ... more
The Rock Thread
November 23, 2015
Yep - I also think it's a real shame that SACD and DVD-A haven't succeeded as mainstream formats, and I also feel they were poorly promoted. In fact, I can't remember any promotion of the formats whatsoever - although I tend to class myself as an advertising man's worst candidate. By that, I mean I don't think I'm particularly influenced by ... more