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What To Record?
October 23, 2015
Recently, there was a thread discussing a new release of Mahler's first Symphony in terms of it's non-neededness. There have also been a plethora of new Sibelius cycles released in the last few weeks. In addition, more Shostakovich, etc., etc. My question to this forum: Is there anything in the classical repetoire for which we (the collective ... more
A newbie asks: dr.loudness-war, whats it all about?
October 10, 2014
This is not exactly correct. There is a huge difference between dynamic compression and lossy compression (as accomplished via MP3 or AAC encoding). Dynamic range is not sacrificed as a result of the latter, nor are lows and highs if a sufficiently high bit rate is used. The Loudness War is partially a by-product of the (unproven) perception that ... more
Discussion: Brahms: Symphonies 1 & 2 etc - Gergiev
January 17, 2014
The text of this post has been deleted by the moderator. Reason: Vendor links - please don't do it. ... more
BIS thread
July 10, 2013
Well, if it's any consolation, I bought EndBeginning today. It looks like a great disc! ... more
SF Symphony Recording
April 26, 2013
That's a lot of mics! (Must have a DG engineer in there somewhere! Ha,ha.) While I understand why conductors like to record "live", one could certainly eliminate many technical issues with the audio part of the recording by doing so without an audience present. Limitations such as not having microphones be visible to an audience would be ... more