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  Århus, Denmark
  Surround receiver: Marantz SR5600
Cd-player: Marantz CD5001 OSE
CD-->Receiver: Black Rhodium Rythm Silver Plated Interconnect
SACD-player: Sony SCD-XE597
SACD-->Receiver: 3 x QED Qunex 1
Front speakers: Monitor Audio Radius 250 x 2
Receiver-->Front speakers: Audioquest G2
Center speaker: Monitor Audio Radius 250
Receiver-->Center speaker: Black Rhodium Tango Biwire
Rear speakers: Monitor Audio Radius 180 x 2
Receiver-->Rear speakers: Black Rhodium Tango Biwire
Subwoofer: Audio Pro Sub Allroom
Receiver-->Subwoofer: Vivanco SIRR 1105

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SACD production cost ?
January 15, 2008
Dan, Scarcity and value drive prices though in some cases governemnt legislation makes quite a contribution. For example gasoline is $8/gallon in my country! This is however an irrelevant comment on my part :-) I support government taxes on the sale of specific products only when there are significant negative side effects of their use such as the ... more
SACD production cost ?
January 14, 2008
Dan, let me first say that I share your liberal outlook but take a somewhat different approach to it. I agree completely that it is totalitarian to dictate centrally for what price citizens should offer their labor or their goods for sale. However this case is slightly different in that it deals with the odd concept of "intellectual property". ... more
Pixies' "Doolittle" SACD pre-order being taken
January 14, 2008
That would be... a dream come true... *drools* ... more
Discussion: Can Hybrid SACD's help to keep SACD alive for years to come?
January 14, 2008
But as far as I understand new copies of the PS3 no longer support SACD and upgrading the firmware on old machines makes them unable to handle multi channel SACD. One of the things that really makes me lose a bit of hope is the complete lack of support from Sony. ... more
Discussion: Can Hybrid SACD's help to keep SACD alive for years to come?
January 14, 2008
I'm also looking forward to The Pixies but in general I agree with you. However if SACD continues at this rate I won't be losing interest in the format, I will just be spending less money on it. Even three interesting releases per year is enough for me to support the format with great enthusiasm. It will take the complete death of pop/rock releases ... more