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What are your favorites online sources for SACDs?
June 13, 2008
I have had multiple problems with them selling things they don't have in stock. I bought ELP - Brain Salad Surgery on DVD-A 2 times and Kraftwerk Minimum Maximum - SACD and didn't receive any of the above. I won't even bother if they are listing a hard to get item. Doug ... more
Discussion: Divertimenti - TrondheimSolistene
June 12, 2008
Will it remain at the same price and same configuration when it is available from or is the current price/configuration for this "testing" of the different formats only? Doug ... more
Discussion: Divertimenti - TrondheimSolistene
June 11, 2008
I only think of the format with DVD and CD layers combined if it is written as DualDisc. When I see dual disc, I take it to mean 2 discs are included. Doug ... more
Dead Can Dance remasters in SACD!!
June 10, 2008
I picked up the individual ones on pre-order for $159. I am thrifty to a point, otherwise I would have liked the box set. Doug ... more
Silicon Valley News: Will Flash Memory Cards Emerge As The Next CD?
June 9, 2008
I still like the physical aspect of having a CD versus buying a download. True, they aren't as impressive as the artwork for vinyl, but I still enjoy them. Doug ... more