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  2xPanamax5510Pro(isolated & balanced) > UD9004 - AQ King Cobra XLR Stereo/RCA7.1 - Classe CP-700(bypass)/Onkyo PR-SC5509 > 2xSherbourn 5/1500A biamped > Belden 10AWG/Silver/GoldSpades DYI> Paradigm Reference S8 v.2/C5 v.1/ADP v.1/S2 v.1/Servo-15v.2

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Rolling Stones: Grrr!      (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
  July 29, 2014

With so many tracks there are some that are of poor quality. Just grab a marker and jot down the good ones on the front of the disk, I counted at least 17 or so 5-star tracks I would demo to any audiophile friend. Get it, you will not regret it.
  July 29, 2014

The sound engineers left a "hole" in the center of the stage, don't worry, a tiny one, otherwise just perfect. Sonically otherwise very very good. The music is great, very involving, makes you want to dance all along.
  July 29, 2014

Simply mind blowing, light years ahead of its time. Very well remastered.
Johnny Hallyday: A la vie. A la mort!      (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  July 27, 2014

Also contains 5.1 24bit/96kHz PCM and DTS-HD Master Audio. I have every Johnny Hallyday released in HFPA and this one deserves praise as the highest sonic quality of them all. The songs are beautifully written, their sentimentality reminds me of my native Hungarian gypsy music. If you are not a ... more
Mylène Farmer: Monkey Me      (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  July 26, 2014

The first song starts with "Dans son cerveau, deux hémisphères, le gai est le triste" and from there on the poetry continues. Bittersweet tunes with rhythm and personality in this so beuatifully complex romance language. The music is also great. The sound is sublime, stereo that projects into ... more

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Onkyo PR-SC5530 Engineered for Hi-res Audio
August 15, 2014
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Onkyo PR-SC5530 Engineered for Hi-res Audio
August 2, 2014
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