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While She Sleeps - Art Lande        (3 of 6 found this review helpful)
  May 10, 2009

Art Lande is an amazing musician. He was my teacher and is my friend. To produce this album with him was a gift. I have had many opportunities to produce recordings with Art in the past, but for this recording, Art allowed me a 'private concert' in the style and manner that I find most endearing ... more

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Cookie Marenco's info about DSD masters
February 8, 2013
Interesting discussion about pharmaceutics on this thread. :) Back to audio... Here's the article at Stereophile by John Atkinson describing the comparison test with SACD and the Mytek unit The SACD player was from EMM and reported to be a $25,000 device. Best to check with them directly ... more
Cookie Marenco's info about DSD masters
January 20, 2013
The text of this post has been deleted by the moderator. Reason: Promoting vendor links. Please don't do it. ... more
Discussion: While She Sleeps - Art Lande
May 10, 2009
I've known Art as my teacher, friend and an incredible musical force since the Red Lanta days. It was a pleasure to be able to capture the 'ballad' side of his playing. Few pianists have the control it takes to pull off such a subtle performance. Cookie producer Blue Coast Records ... more
Art Lande Solo Piano SACD from Blue Coast Records NOW AVAILABLE
October 1, 2008
New from Blue Coast Records! Art Lande, solo piano SACD, While She Sleeps SACD release party 7pm, Rocky Mountain Audiofest Denver Marriott Tech Center 4900 S. Syracuse Street Denver, Colorado 80237 USA The long awaited SACD from Blue Coast Records featuring Art Lande will make its debut at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest, Oct 10-12. Art Lande, ... more
Discussion: Blue Coast Collection - Various Artists
July 20, 2008
I just read the review of the Blue Coast Collection by "DSD" and I am quite amused by the negative reaction to not having drums on the recording and not having 'famous' musicians as well. With some homework about the recording (at the Blue Coast website), the reviewer would have read why we chose not to use drums and saved themselves the trouble of ... more