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  Tony Reif
  Label owner, Songlines Recordings
  Vancouver, Canada
  Reference system:
T+A D10
Stax SR009
DIY 6SN7 amp & power conditioner
High Fidelity Cables UR interconnects & UR Rhodium power cables

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Love: Forever Changes        (3 of 3 found this review helpful)
  April 6, 2015

Undoubtedly one of the all-time classics of rock, a one-off, tough/tender, bitter/hopeful art-song suite that communicates as powerfully today as it did 45 years ago. Spurred by Arthur Lee's personal crisis and death premonitions at the age of 22, Forever Changes is the ironic flip-side/complement ... more
SA-CD SHM Sampler: Welcome to the Top of the World      (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  August 29, 2014

This is the only SHM-SACD sampler I've run into, and it also includes a regular SACD for comparison. Assuming there's been no fiddling with the results, it clearly indicates how much better-sounding the SHM process can be. Which is quite a bit on some tracks, and not a lot on others. But for example ... more
Haydn: String Quartets - Amsterdam String Quartet          (5 of 9 found this review helpful)
  March 4, 2014

This isn't a review of the music because I found this disc unlistenable due to its highly ambient church mic'ing, which virtually eliminates any direct sound in favour of an all-enveloping resonance. I've listened to many string quartet SACDs and CDs with varying amounts of resonance, but this is ... more
Janacek: Sinfonietta, Taras Bulba - Kosler        (2 of 3 found this review helpful)
  January 16, 2013

When these stirring, characterful performances were taped in April 1977, Kosler was the CPO’s second conductor, under Neumann. (Neither by the way was a friend of the regime). It was one of the Supraphon-Denon co-productions of that era that were released on 14-or 16-bit digital LP in Japan, and in ... more

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SACD player repairs...
May 12, 2015
Claude, have you looked further into the K-05X and K-07X? I still have an XA777ES, but I don't use it because it's a long way from being as good as the T+A D10 player. But that unit is over 10 years old now and I'm intrigued by the new Esoterics. Big problem is that no retailers around here will stock them (in fact they're not even available yet ... more
This equipment good enough for SACD?
December 31, 2014
The playback level doesn't matter, in fact if anything you'll need a better DAC to get satisfaction at low-moderate levels because of the (subjective) lack of treble and bass compared to loud levels. There's absolutely no doubt you can get better DA conversion with an outboard DAC than what's in your AVR, but whether it will make much difference ... more
Discussion: Rolling Stones: Goats Head Soup
December 3, 2014
Analogue, what are the other 4 reissue titles you received? It makes no sense for Universal to have gone back and remastered the original issues. And if cutting corners was their aim they would have left well enough alone - probably they could have even have reused the original glass master to manufacture the reissues. Also, I'm curious what your ... more
SHM~SACD Reissues: Problems?
December 3, 2014
Does anyone know how to contact the mysterious Analogue? He/she has not posted info about their system and I'm curious about what equipment Analogue is listening to. Also what the 4 other sub-standard reissues are. I too find it hard to imagine Universal Japan tampering with their original masters for these reissues, and I think one can count out ... more
Reviews on New platinum shm cds !!!
November 25, 2014
Thinking of picking this up but curious what kind of system you're listening to this and the SACD version on. On my Stax SR009s, "Stormy Monday" on the SHM-SACD sampler Welcome to the Top of the World sounds incredibly good, hard to imagine how it could be improved, and some fine detail must be lost in any 16/44.1 format compared to SACD, no matter ... more