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Discussion: Barbra Streisand: The Movie Album
October 23, 2003
I have ALL of Streisand's albums on CD (YES I'm gay...YES I know people love to hate me, I've heard it all before so don't bother). I pre-ordered the CD+DVD of this album from the online Sony Music Store since they were giving away a free interview disc (I have yet to receive it). Obviously, I'm going to have to get the SACD as well but ... more
Sony hybrids ... here they come!
October 19, 2003
Has anybody found an official announcement from Sony on this matter? It would be nice to know which titles they are planning to re-release as hybrids so that I can plan ahead. I just bought the Miles Davis and Destiny's Child SACD's along with a few other single layer Sony titles. If only I had known sooner! ... more
WANTED: Wham! Make it Big SACD + EWF All 'n All SACD
October 11, 2003
I am looking for the cheapest place to get the following SACD's: Make it Big - Wham! All 'n All - Earth Wind & Fire These were only released in Japan as far as I can tell. I can't make heads or tails of the Amazon Japan website. Is there a US retailer that carries these titles? Alternatively, does anybody have a copy that they would like to get ... more