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  Mark Cheney
  Am a CD/Vinyl collector of sorts. Listen to a large variety of music literally from ABBA to ZAPPA!
  Small town Texas, USA
  Mostly a two channel "Old School" kind of guy here. However...I have a nice Marantz 7200 receiver and a Kenwood SACD/DVD player for the home theater thing. The Marantz is driving a pair of Yamaha NS-10's for the front, and a pair of NHT Super Ones for the rear. Also have a nice Velodyne sub that rattles the walls. (The wife can't stand it!)
I won't mention all the SAE gear I have in my workshop/shed. Too much to list. I use a Burwen Transient Noise Eliminator and Noise filter for phono and tape noise. Much more............
Oh, by the way....I am an audio technician and have been doing it now for almost 30 yrs. It helps to have a profession that is also a hobby! (Grin!!)

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