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  Tony Flores
  Just a music lover and SACD nut. I'm not a pro writer, but I do write SACD music reviews at
  Napa Valley CA Wine Country!

receiver Yamaha RX-V3000


Dynaudio center/L/R, cheapo rears (for now) also shopping for a really good sub.

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Two SACDs out of phase, disturbing!
September 22, 2006
I just discovered something rather disturbing, and it finally makes sense why sometimes my rig just didn't sound right. Why I didn't notice this two years ago (or more) I'll never know. Tonight I'm listening to Beck's Sea Change and something just didn't sound right. It's like the bass with really thin. So I'm at my changer with my head right ... more
Blu-Ray or HD-DVD (whichever wins): The last hope for high res. audio?
September 22, 2006
I said this way back before I knew anything solid about blu ray back in 2004 concerning Dolby, and DTS with some new hi-res codecs for blu ray. and it all came true. DVD-A, it's sad, SACD, pretty much the same story I hate to say. Now I took a look at the DTS codecs for Blu-ray, and the potential just ... more
News of death grossly exaggerated
April 28, 2005
Anyone that says SACD is still alive and kicking is only fooling themselves. Citing some obscure classical up and coming SACD does not a future make. So how many people care about that title? What 17 of you? Here in Northern CA 2 years ago, I could buy SACDs at Tower, Best Buy, Circuit City, and the The Good Guys (very limited). In the present, ... more
DualDisc killing SACD?
March 10, 2005
I do see Dual-Disc as being yet another nail in the SACD coffin. First SACD has stalled hard. The number of titles coming out per month is a joke. The titles are a joke. It's one old fart title after the next, classical or something Jazz. Dual disc to the mainstream consumer has much more value than say SACD. Saying that SACD will be around as ... more
Do all hybrid SACDs contain a stereo SACD?
October 31, 2004
It actually is in the spec that a stereo DSD version be on every SACD. There are two reasons for this. Since SACD doesn't fold down like DVD-A, it's needed for headphone listening, and if a SACD were only multi-channel, it wouldn't work on the very first SACD players (and even some current models) that are not multi-channel. I've only seen one ... more