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  Paul Fradale
  Fukuoka, Japan
  Sony SCD-1, Odyssey Audio Tempest Extreme Pre-Amp, Odyssey Audio Mono Extreme Amps, Speakers designed and built myself, each using two Lambda Acoustics TD15X mid-woofers, two 15PR700 radiators, and Unity horns with the B&C compression tweeter, passive XO @ 300Hz to the TDs.

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re:accessories for scd-1
March 23, 2012
FTFY ... more
Vacuum State Electronics
January 14, 2012
That's my main concern--I've not had a chance to listen, back to back, a stock and VSE modded deck. It could well be that I'd be blown away and would immediately order the upgrades or it could be that I'd hear next to no difference, or that I would hear some difference but not twice what I paid for the deck in the first place, nor what might be had ... more
Vacuum State Electronics
January 13, 2012
Hm. I rather like the top-loading Sony but looking around for spare sled motors and lasers, in case mine die, I've not been able to find them at all. A little wary of putting coin into my player when I cannot find basic repair parts like that. May just run it into the ground and look around for a replacement if/when that happens. ... more
Vacuum State Electronics
January 13, 2012
Ah, most of what I listen to is SACD... of course I wonder how much longer people will still use disc-based media sometimes but then I look the longevity of vinyl. ... more
Vacuum State Electronics
January 13, 2012
I've heard the SCD-1 called many things but never a so-so player; granted, it is getting long in the tooth but I have not seen many players with this build quality. That said, time marches on and all that, which is hwy I was looking at what mods might be out there. I'm not sure about "cost effective" either, since, unless I completely misread the ... more