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  Jason Davis
  I am a lover of virtually every kind of music. I am still fairly new to the world of SACD but have been constantly trying to learn more about it. I am a huge Miles Davis fan and was blown away when first hearing his Kind of Blue SACD. I hope to see more stuff soon!
  I am a copywriter at an ad agency in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
  Sony Dream System. (I know, nothing too complex yet)


Miles Davis, U2, Marc Cohn, John Denver, Alice In Chains, Neil Diamond, Soundgarden, Motzart, Pearl Jam, Sting, DJ Shadow, Enya, Alison Krause, Robbie Williams, Frank Sinatra, Annie Lennox, BeeGees, The Lettermen, Chicago, Air Supply, Elton John, Billy Joel, Led Zepplin...Too many others!

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Single Layer vs. Multi-Channel
August 1, 2003
I am still pretty new to the world of SACD's, so pardon my ignorance. I got an SACD sample disc with my system when I bought it and I know most of the tracks on it are multi-channel. I have been looking at a lot of other SACD's to buy on websites and noticed that many are called "Single Layer stereo only". Does this simply mean that they are not ... more