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John Williams: The Magic Box      (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
  July 29, 2003

This is a wonderful recording of a wonderful performance. It's most reminiscent of the Kronos Quartet's 'Pieces of Africa', with western string instruments blending with African percussion. Great Sunday brunch music, very live sound. BTW, this is John Williams the classical guuitarist, not the film ... more
  July 29, 2003

Inarguably one of the greatest live rock albums ever, I fear there was only so much they could do with the original master tapes. This SACD represents probably the most incremental sonic improvement over the orignal CD release of any I've heard. If you have the CD already and can pick this up on ... more
  July 29, 2003

This one just arrived from Elusive Disc yesterday. This is a poppin, boppin' Latin jazz disc laden with live-sounding percussion. I wasn't completely convinced by the brass section, but this is still highly recommended!
Jon Hassell, Ry Cooder, Jacky Terrasson, Ronu Majumdar: Fascinoma        (0 of 2 found this review helpful)
  July 29, 2003

While this is the most 'straight ahead' record that Hassell has recorded, it still carries some of the exotic atmospherics of his more electronic forays. The sound is warm and rich (I only have stereo capablity). This was a hard disc to track down, but well worth the effort.

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