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Discussion: Kraftwerk: Minimum-Maximum (GSA Version)
November 21, 2005
Yes, I also noticed it, still october (and november) are almost gone... Really, I don't understand why "Notebook", by definition a special release, meant for people certainly willing to spend a little more, doesn't include SACDs instead of CDs :( ... more
Richie Hawtin (aka Plastic Man)
October 21, 2005
I have got a couple of his CDs, "Consumed" and "Closer", which, if I remember correctly, don't like specially. You can read about him on the Rough Guide to Techno (any Virgin or Tower book department would do). I'm surprised by your news, do you have any additional details? ... more
current info on sacd players
October 6, 2005
Incredibly low price, lucky you! ... more
current info on sacd players
October 5, 2005
Ah, now I see, sorry: I live in Italy, paid my player in euros, and forgot that *now* 1 euro is quite a bit more than 1 american dollar! Out of curiosity, which is the best price in dollars, around 3500?!? ... more
current info on sacd players
October 5, 2005
Hi. I bought recently a Marantz SA-11S1, and I'm certainly an happy user! In fact you can read about it on another thread... ... more