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  David Taylor
  SACD enthusiast in Marin county, California
  San Anselmo, CA
  Rotel 1065 Receiver
Marantz 8260 SACD
B&W CDM9NTs at front and KEF 103 at rear, KEF center
Kimber cables

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Why does Deutsche Grammaphon hide the PCM information?
July 30, 2003
I am thrilled that other major labels are entering the SACD arena. One of these is Deutsche Grammaphon. It is confusing though that they hide the fact that their SACD's are based on 96k PCM recordings. When you are standing in the store, as I was last night looking at the new Anne-Sophie Mutter Beethoven Violin Concerto ... more
Discussion: Alison Krauss: Live
July 30, 2003
I listened to the regular CD of Live album yesterday in the car. It is very enjoyable and well worth owning. My car stereo is very good and really shows up a disc's faults. In the absence of a car SACD setup, I listen to the Red Book layer. It is entirely obvious that a CD is a DSD recording. Even the RedBook layer sounds much better. My only ... more