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- Sony TA-VA8ES (AV-amplifier)
- Marantz AV8003 (AV-pre-reciever)
- Marantz MM8003 (multi-channel power amplifier)

- Sony DVP-NS999ES [Van Medevoort modified]
- Marantz BD8002 [Van Medevoort modified]
- Marantz DV7001 [Van Medevoort modified]

2 x Hepta Expertise Flagship (front-speakers)
2 x Hepta Four Tune mkII (rear-speakers)
Hepta Supercenter (center-speaker)
Hepta Bariton (active subwoofer)

Headphone set up:
- Headphone: Sennheiser HD650 (with Cardas upgrade Cable)
- Headphone amps: Grado RA-1 (technically enhanced)
- Interconnects: DiMarzio M-Path Interconnects

My audio accessories:
- "Van Medevoort" PFM2 PowerLine filter
- "Agile" CD liquid cleaner & clarifier
- "Densen" DVD Magic Disc
- "Art Speak" CD-Mat
- "Rothwell" attenuators (for connection to Sony TA-VA8ES)

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Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary        (3 of 5 found this review helpful)
  January 20, 2006

This album contains some nice and established chill-out music. However, the sonics of the SA-CD release of this album to my opinion is not particularly exceeding the CD version; meaning that the dynamics are not improved (actually quite flat) and only few additional details can be heard. Also you ... more
Beethoven: Violin Concerto, Romances - Mutter/Masur        (2 of 7 found this review helpful)
  January 7, 2006

From a performance perspective a controversial recording (sonics are well, but not outstanding). Unless you are devoted to the over-romantic and (in my understanding) too affected Beethoven interpretation of Mutter, I think you clearly should avoid this SACD and try for instance the fine Beethoven ... more
East meets West - Les Percussions de Strasbourg        (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  November 11, 2005

Listening to this disk is a breathtaking experience, even when the kind of music is not your favorite. To me it shows that audiophiles of the last decades who were not quite convinced about the advancements of modern, digital (PCM) recording techniques somehow are right. What a sonic treasure ... more
Roxy Music: Avalon        (2 of 6 found this review helpful)
  October 1, 2005

No doubt about the status of this masterpiece as one of the popmusic classicals. Its successful re-release on SACD is a thrilling story (see: Beside all hallelujah about the nice sonics, however, also a critical remark about the positioning of instruments and voices. ... more
  April 12, 2005

I can confirm the excellent performance and sonics of this SACD. Virtuoso cymbal play, perfectly recorded. Fortunately no solo's indeed, but to my opinion –in contrast to the subtitle– Buddy Rich could be somewhat less modest in showing his mastery (although implicitly evident). Markedly too short ... more

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July 15, 2005
Thanks 'racerguy' for your interesting analysis which I endorse. However, for me it still remains a puzzle why the music and audio sellers are so remarkably unaware and uninformed about SACD. I have the same ambivalent experience as 'mknappe' that we, as clients, have to inform the stores sales staff about what's going on in their professional ... more
Sting & A&M records release schedule
July 13, 2005
Today I listened to three albums of Sting released on CD-DTS / DVD-Audio and compared them with two recent releases of Sting on SACD. In my opinion the superiority of SACD is so evident that I feel a bit depressed about the idea that the music industry apparently prefers to support inferior (audio) formats rather then SACD. Indeed: Please tell me ... more
Sting & A&M records release schedule
July 12, 2005
Since DVD-Audio as a format was surpassed by SACD (by titles numbers, selling counts, cross-compatibility and sonic quality) last years, I get the impression that part of the music industry first would like to see the outcome of the DualDisc - the rather forced respond of DVD-Audio on cross-compatibility - to see if the success of SACD will ... more
Sting & A&M records release schedule
July 11, 2005
I got a reply of Universal Records: " Currently there are no plans to release Sting's back catalog on SACD. Best regards, UMG New Formats " So for the moment that's the info we have to life with. ... more
Sting & A&M records release schedule
July 8, 2005
Does anyone know anything about the plans of A&M records on their release schedule of SACD's for the next months or year? Will for instance all previous albums of Sting be re-released at SACD as well? This seems to be quite plausible because A&M records already finished the re-release of all former Police albums at SACD and already established DVD ... more