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WARNER Japan to release POP/JAZZ/R&B Titles on SACD
October 16, 2015
I confirm, they are just SHM-CDs, not SACD. I ordered them thinking they were SACDs and today I received Curtis Mayfield: Curtis, Live Herbie Hancock: Fat Albert Rotunda from ImportCD where they are erroneously listed as SACDs. Also, they are listed as SACDs on every Amazon site. I did not still compare them directly, but Curtis SHM-CD seems to ... more
Dire Straits "Making Movies" and "Communique" SHM-SACDs are BAD!
March 13, 2012
I was thinking to buy Making Movies, Communique and Alchemy. In which sense are they bad? Harsh and bright sound? Or muffled sound with too heavy bass and highs roll-off? I have many SHM-SACDs and the sound can be bad in two opposite directions: sometimes is very bright (Rainbow Rising), sometimes it seems that you are hearing with a heavy cover on ... more
SACD Layers won't play or skipping problems
November 25, 2008
Also my Sony XA777ES has problems with some hybrids, about 15 on >300. With some SACD there are dropouts in the sounds. With others, the player reads the TOC more slowly, after it needs a lot of time to find track 1, finally it doesn't play the track from the beginning. In this case if I use the "back" key I can hear the disc from the beginning and ... more
Good new! 25 new jazz SACD by Analogue production...
April 21, 2008
... from Blue Note archive. Here are the titles: :-)))) Mariano ... more
This sacd is not present in the list
May 20, 2005
Hi all, I found the following: Author: Michel Petrucciani trio Title: Estate Label: IRD Mariano ... more