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  Robert Verreault
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A Disturbing Trend Ordering SACDs from Amazon
December 20, 2008
Well your guess is wrong... I did not order the wrong set... I syill have a printed copy of my order which cleraly states "Hybrid-Sacd Import". even acknowledged the mistake was theirs but refused to send me the right version. After many email exchanges and a phone call, I have been told that the only thing they could do was to reimburse ... more
A Disturbing Trend Ordering SACDs from Amazon
December 20, 2008
I pre-ordered the latest Genesis boxset on last August. When it was finally released in November, Amazon sent me the North American Atlantic version on CD. Of course, I sent it back and notify them of the mistake. So they sent me...the same CD boxset. Sent it back again, of course, but then, I have been told that they could not correct ... more
Whatever Happened to Hi-Fi?
January 8, 2008
Here is a link to an interesting article entitles "The Death of High Fidelity" published in Rolling Stone: ... more
Which artist or album would YOU like to see released on SA-CD?
October 30, 2007
The next best thing to a Beatle compilation is the DVD-Audio soundtrack of Cirque du soleil's "LOVE" which countains some mash-up but also some complete Beatles songs in 5.1... Not as good as a SACD version would be but still...better than nothing... ... more
SACD sales, do exist real statistics about it?
October 3, 2007
Hello! I don't want to answer for Perigo but, for my part, I would be inrested in having a better idea of the evolution of the SACD along the years, not only in terms of releases but also in terms of sales. I would also be curious to know how many of the 4809 SACDs found in this site are now out of print. Just out of curiosity. ... more