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  Mark Wikle
  SACD/DVDA Player: Marantz DV7600
Receiver/Preamp/Amp: Marantz SR5004
Front Amplifier: 2 Outlaw Audio M2200's
Speakers Front: Magnepan MG 1.7
Center: Aperion Audio
Rear: Aperion Audio 655T
Subwoofer: Outlaw Audio LFM-1 Plus

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New Integra DTR 70.4 Reciever is DSD compatible.
September 6, 2012
I'm quite sure it decodes DSD across HDMI 1.4 without PCM conversion. ... more
Affordable MCH amp with direct DSD input through HDMI?
April 14, 2010
There are several players that convert DSD directly to analog. The PCM conversion usually happens when one engages some sort of signal processing such as distance correction or bass management. ... more
newbie dsd question
March 3, 2010
Who needs PCM? The only reason it exists was for storage and editing. Now, that storage capacity is a non issue, it's best just to store the raw 1 bit sample ( and yes even a multibit converter uses a 1 bit front end). ... more
Wish u were here on SACD a No Go ; ((
November 1, 2009
Just listened to Roger Waters "in the flesh" SACD and I must say that Roger's rendition of Welcome to the Machine, Wish You Were Here and Shine On You Crazy Diamond sound very good in 5.1. The SACD format really complements Pink Floyd material IMHO. Can just imagine what the real McCoy will sound like. I'm stoked! Especially after listening to ... more
King Crimson Quad Remasters: DVD-Audio Format confirmed
October 19, 2009
Someone on another forum has heard the finished product. Can't wait! ... more