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Miles Davis: E.S.P.      (2 of 10 found this review helpful)
  January 23, 2005

ESP is my favourite record of miles davis. When i first listened to it, I was completely disapointed by the material, the themes construction. A few month later, it has become my reference release of miles thru the years. I've just ordered the sacd version, and I'm eagerly waiting to listen the ... more

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problem with some sacd's
May 8, 2005
thank's a lot for your expertise...I'm gonna check this out soon. ... more
problem with some sacd's
May 4, 2005
some of them yes but not all of them... thank's for the address i'm taking a look at it !! the problem is that the firt times these sacd's where accessible in sacd but after a short time the audio is only cs standard... ... more
problem with some sacd's
May 3, 2005
I have 3 bernard lavilliers sacd's and it's impossible to play them in sacd just in classic cd mode. my player is a sony dvd/sacd ns700v and i have no problem to play my other sacd's of miles davis for exemple can anyone help me on this subject..! ... more
Discussion: Miles Davis: E.S.P.
February 21, 2005
I've just received ESP (sacd) The sound quality is oustanding.... I 'm able to hear micro details which are inaudible in the standard version. Great mastering. ... more
Discussion: Bernard Lavilliers: Carnets de bord
January 23, 2005
once again i'm disapointed by sound engeneering work on this title. what's the point offering a 5.1 mix when the rear channels are so poorly employed.It would have been better to release a 2 channels sacd mix of this one . ... more