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Discussion: Roger Waters: Amused To Death
July 24, 2015
Well I've just emptied my wallet for three editions of Amused To Death, and after pummelling my ears with the stereo mix of the BD-A I have to say I'm suitably impressed and it's been worth every cent. The SACD won't be getting a local release so I'll have to wait while that one's shipped to my neck of the woods. But my first thoughts on the BD-A? ... more
Discussion: Roger Waters: Amused To Death
April 15, 2015
Looking at the release slate I see four different packages I'll need to buy. Need the SACD (whenever that's released) and BD-A, and both vinyl sets. All around the time the next Led Zeppelin box set/s will be demanding of my bank account. Better start saving the pennies ... more
Discussion: Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet
February 19, 2015
Just seeing this post made my male pattern baldness disappear to be miraculously replaced by my childhood mullet! It's a shame the surround version hasn't been ported over, even if I don't have surround. A truly lost opportunity to put a seminal glam metal album out in a definitive high-res format. Not that this will stop me from playing air ... more
Discussion: Roger Waters: Amused To Death
November 17, 2014
Pale blue? Not for Roger, it'll be a dour black. How much more black can you get? None, none more black. Special artwork/packaging is becoming quite the issue at the moment, it delayed the BD-A and DVD-A releases of The Endless River in Australia for nearly a week. I heard it was because they wanted some kind of 'eco-friendly' packaging which ... more
Discussion: Roger Waters: Amused To Death
November 16, 2014
Alright then, finally some news albeit not great news. I'm just going to cut and paste from the Brain Damage Facebook page; I know many of you are extremely eager for this release, but frustrated by the delays. Thanks to Rohan Dunt, we have a new update from Acoustic Sounds regarding the SACD/vinyl of Amused To Death: "There has been issues with ... more