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Starker Plays Kodaly
April 12, 2010
I highly recommend this disc - and copies are available on Ebay for under $ 30.00. ... more
more polls, now for Pink floyd "WISH YOU WERE HERE"
May 27, 2009
I'd be happy if they just took a vintage 35DP-4 Japanese first pressing and transferred it directly from redbook to DSD :) - it would probably be better than a remaster! ... more
Rising value of hard-to-find SACD titles
March 5, 2009
If you do the currency conversions on the third party sellers listed on this site, the range is from roughly $ 150.00 to a staggering $ 600.00 USD! How much of this is just 'fishing', I don't know, but I've seen crazier things happen (a certain sealed copy on Ebay of Wish You Were Here comes to mind :)). These SACD's are just the modern ... more
SACD Layers won't play or skipping problems
December 17, 2008
I'm about to replace the laser in my Denon 3910 because it is now starting to act up with SACD's; previously it also refused to play certain older CD's (?). My Denon 2900 is now relegated to playing DVD's, as it won't play CD's or SACD's properly (it still has the original laser with tons of hours on it). There seems to be a relationship with ... more
The CAN Discography on SACD
December 11, 2008
Just wondering if you encountered any difficulty finding the correct discs - I'm under the impression that the SACD's have been replaced by redbook only versions, and that's what is (mostly) listed on Amazon. ... more