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Looking for a New SACD player
June 13, 2015
Don't know if you saw my post, but I have come across a Shanling SCD-T200 through an estate transfer. I do not know much about the tech, but if you search you will find that it is well reviewed. I'm in the process of pricing it and putting it on Audiogon. Please let me know if you are interested (I can be reached directly by email). ... more
Where to buy/sell SACD players & media
June 9, 2015
I didn't mean to stir up any trouble. I again appreciate everything. This forum has been extremely helpful. Any future interest and people can contact me directly by email or look for listing on audiogon/ebay (I may post relevant listing info if that is appropriate). Thanks again to all,; you should be proud of the wonderful community you have ... more
Where to buy/sell SACD players & media
June 8, 2015
Thanks again to everyone for the continued good advice and thanks to Jackan for your thoughts. I am not to good at navigating these forums, but would like to get this information to Theresa in case she is not currently monitoring this board. I would appreciate if someone could alert her to this thread if possible or let me know how I might reach ... more
Where to buy/sell SACD players & media
June 7, 2015
Man, you guys are great! Thanks so much for all the quick info. I've definitely come to the right place. I've still got a bit of a learning curve, but it looks like I will inventory the discs and look at Audiogon/Amazon/Ebay initially. I am happy to discuss things by email as well with anyone who is interested. Thanks again for all your help and ... more
Where to buy/sell SACD players & media
June 6, 2015
Hello, I am new to the forum and only posting because I came across a Shanling SCD-T200 SACD Player in my father's storage (he recently passed). He was quite an audiophile and also has around 30 SACD and DVD-Audio titles. This stuff is way out of my league, but I am liquidating his property. The rules appear to not allow sales in this forum, so I ... more